Beyond all the differences that create the illusion of separation between you and other beings, there is something rooted deeply within us that serves as a reminder that at the core, we are all more alike than we would guess. 


All the interactions with the world around you are based on the way you interact with yourself. The level of compassion and understanding you have towards the beings around you is a direct reflection of the compassion and understanding you’re able to give yourself. 


By looking deeper within, and becoming more aware and intimate with your body, heart, and mind you can begin to look at yourself and other beings differently and come closer to recognizing the similarities, which will help you to navigate through life with more ease.


Our courses and training are an invitation to move through the layers of who you think you are towards the innermost self. The tools we use in Heart & Focus Academy are based on ancient yet timeless yogic wisdom as well as modern approaches. This allows us to understand and treat the body and the mind (and soul) as one and guide it towards optimal health and wellness.