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All trainings are registered and accredited by the Yoga Alliance and upon successful completion the trainee will receive a certificate.

*You can earn YACEP credits only after you complete a 200h training, either at the Heart & Focus Academy or a different Yoga Alliance accredited institution

2024 Upcoming Continuing Education Courses (YACEP certified)

50 hours, in person

Flexibility & Body Biomechanics

Date: Feb 14 – 18, 2024

Place: Sv. Mari (CZ)

This training is for those that feel stuck in their flexibility practice, would like to understand the biomechanics of their body and learn how to increase their range of motion in a safe way, or are simply curious to explore all the amazing things their body can do. 

50 hours, in person

Living Yogic Philosophy & The Art of Teaching

Date: May 1 – 5, 2024

Place: Vienna, Austria

This training provides a comprehensive understanding of what yoga is all about, inspires you to apply yogic teachings in your daily life, and teaches you how to become a better teacher to your students, improving your sequencing, what you say and how you adjust. 

50 hours, in person

Through the chakras to yourSelf

Date: Sep 25 – 29, 2024

Place: Sv. Mari (CZ)

This module that will lay foundations for your practice, personal development, and teaching. Our guide on the journey will be the chakra system which describes seven energy centers located within the body, each influencing us on a physical as well as psychological level. 

These trainings are advanced trainings suitable for those who already completed the foundational training and/or are yoga teachers. They will allow you to explore the practice of yoga on a deeper level and broaden as well as sharpen your teaching skills.