Svadhyaya is a required module to complete your 200-hours teacher training. This module is focus on self-learning and self-developement.

Developing a home practice is so important on your journey of becoming a yoga teacher. Staying true to what you teach, means you practice it first, before you share it with your students. And as in many other fields, the teacher might not be always available. B.K.S. Iyengar, who studied under Krishnamacharya (the founder of modern yoga), had to thought himself things like tick-tocking between the wheel pose and handstand. There was no teacher in his area, that could teach him this skill, so he used the wall and tried until he was successful. In a similar action the deeper knowledge of yoga (not just asana) comes from practicing on your own and studying the scripts by yourself.

The self practice comes with an online teacher as well. So you will have an option to practice with Sara and/or Lenka online and have two Zoom calls about your project, required literature to read and journal prompts to develop a  journaling habit over the course of our training.

Included in this module:

  • a manual with journaling prompts for 30 days &  self practice tips
  • 6 months of online classes with Sara and/or Lenka
  • 2 mentorship Zoom calls
  • learning how to create a project and presenting it


Investment: € 360 

This module can be started anytime after finishing the Through the Chakras to yourSelf 70-hours module.